Please join us in ending world poverty

by buying an item that gives back!


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A Journey to End World Poverty

Over 630 million people worldwide live in extreme poverty

Economists predict it will take about $175 billion/year for 20 years to end world poverty.

On the flip side, over 50% of the population is now considered to be middle to upper class. 

About 3.8 billion people who have access to health.

About 3.8 billion people who have access to education.


About 3.8 billion people who could make a difference.

The middle and upper class UNITE in one global cause, 

redirect where they buy things they would have purchased anyway,

and we could generate enough revenue to end world poverty in 20 years.  



If each one of those directed $50 in purchases

through the ShopPal website per month,

we would end extreme poverty!!



By leveraging the existing habits and needs of its customers,

ShopPal encourages consumers to support local charities

by purchasing products they already buy, through this site.

This generates a continuous source of funding for charities

and non-profits which allows them to fulfill their missions. 



Please join us in ending world poverty

by buying an item that gives back!